Harmony for the soul

Perhaps you’d like a quick “face lift” with an ampoule treatment and modelling mask, where highly efficient active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin? After indulging in a facial treatment, the best thing to do is turn around and allow the competent hands of our beauty team to work their magic on your back. Finding it hard to choose? Simply book both: Face & back! It will be impossible to choose your favourite between these two soothing treatments!

Whether it's a French manicure for the hands or a sandal treatment for the feet: simply hold out your fingers and toes and enjoy a manicure and pedicure including a scrub, wrap and incredible wellness result. Go ahead and book – your feet and hands will thank you.

Simply close your eyes and let yourself be pampered from head to toe – and when you open them again, you’ll be astonished at the person looking back at you in the mirror: you can book all of this and more in our oasis of beauty. An experienced team is at your disposal in our five air-conditioned beauty rooms. Now all that’s left is to express your wishes: facial masks, cleansing scrubs, ultrasound treatments or exclusive cosmetic packages, LaStone therapy, an osteopathic treatment and the list goes on...

We only use the very best products from the “Babor” line for our treatments.


Individual cosmetics

You book your desired time slot and we specifically tailor the products to suit your individual care needs. The appointments include the following treatment steps. With optimised advice and individualised care, we make your skin shine!

50 min treatment time

Skin consultation, cleansing, peeling, brief deep cleansing, active ingredient extract, massage, mask and finishing treatment

80 min treatment time

Skin consultation, cleansing, eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing, active ingredient concentrate, extensive face/neck and décolleté massage, mask, hand massage and personalised finishing treatment

Please be aware that the below stated prices are valid for 2023. 

Sonne Organic – Radiance, 50 min

Sonne Organic – Radiance, 50 min

A relaxing and restorative treatment to bring you into harmony and bestow your skin with new radiance. Intensive ingredients provide the optimum all-round care for your skin – individually tailored to your specific skin needs. For a radiantly beautiful appearance!

Treatment time: 50 min   Price: € 77.00

Sonne Organic – Energy Source Deluxe, 80 min
Sonne Organic – Freshness Kick, 35 min
Sonne Organic – Energising Pure, 80 min
Eyes - Gaze, 20 min
Babor ultrasound treatment, single treatment, 50 min
Babor ultrasound treatment, additional treatment, 10 min

Babor Men

Energising and revitalising short and intensive treatment for the discerning man, providing deep relaxation. Specially developed for shaving, cleansing and care, the highly effective formulas based on natural ingredients ensure an attractive and well-groomed appearance and give the skin pure, unadulterated energy and vitality.

Relax & Fresh – Facial – Face, 80 min

Relax & Fresh – Facial – Face, 80 min

Cleansing, peeling, steaming, deep-cleaning, active ingredient ampoule, mask, massage and finishing treatment

Treatment time: 80 min  Price: € 111.00

Short Relax – Facial – Face, 50 min

Beauty – Routine & Extras




Single treatment: € 18.00   Additional treatment: € 11.00


Single treatment: € 18.00   Additional treatment: € 11.00

Depilation – hair removal

Manicure – Pedicure



Meticulous manicure – a pampering programme for your hands.

Manicure without varnish

Treatment time: 25 min   Price: € 37.00

Manicure with varnish

Treatment time: 40 min   Price: € 51.00

French tip manicure

Treatment time: 40 min   Price: € 54.00

Feel-good manicure

Manicure, hand scrub, hand wrap, hand massage, nail polish (hands)   Treatment time: 55 min   Price: € 75.00


Shellac manicure

Treatment time: 50 min   Price: € 68.00


Relaxing for Kids & Teens

Princess Dream, 20 min

Princess Dream, 20 min

Cool fingernails with rhinestones or stickers

Treatment time: 20 min  Price: € 32.00

Kids & Teens – Sunshine, 50 min


Relaxation for body, mind & spirit


Harmony for the soul

Day SPA in Carinthia.

Day SPA at Lake Klopein

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