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Spring is when the soul begins to clothe itself in colour once more. (Author unknown)

Blissful sunshine – May! The region surrounding Lake Klopein is
blossoming, and so is the Hotel & Spa Sonne!

Soaking up the sun on the pier for the first time in the year. After a session in the sauna, 
taking a pleasant dip in the lake to cool down. 


The area of Lake Klopein and Southern Carinthia offers an 
attractive range of activities for all ages.

Whether reaching new heights or taking it easy – the hiking trail network extends across an altitude profile from 440 to 2,139 metres above sea level.
The highlights include:
Georgiberg (624 m)
Kitzelberg with a viewing platform (686 m)
Feistritzer Spitze (2,113 m)
Hochobir (2,139m)

With or without poles – simply start your walk on the circular path 
around Lake Klopein directly in front of the hotel entrance.

The hotel’s 4 private sand tennis courts are perfect for a spot of free play.
Does your game still have room to improve? 
We will be happy to arrange coaching lessons for you.

The Golfpark Klopeiner See is located just 2.5 km 
from the Hotel & Spa Sonne. It is not only the 18 holes that can be enjoyed 
at this excellently maintained course, but also the view of the Hochobir, the Petzen 
and the Steiner Alps.


Summer, sun, Lake Klopein - Southern Carinthia

You’ll find your holiday bliss in the turquoise-blue water, in the refreshing tingling sensation on your skin when you jump in, in the pleasant lake breeze, on the soft green lawn, on one of the three sunny piers, on the romantic lounge terrace and on the atmospheric lakeside terrace.

Away from the hustle and bustle of bathers, the cool, unique natural variety beckons in the Lake Klopein/Southern Carinthia region.

In the Trögener Klamm (Bad Eisenkappel), you hike at ground level through the wildly romantic ravine.
Deep cuts etched impressively into the rocks by water over time will leave you amazed.

The Wildensteiner Waterfall (Gallizien) impresses onlookers with its cascade falling a whopping 54 metres.
A refreshing excursion destination that invites you to pause, linger and enjoy after the brief, winding climb.

The diverse array of nature and species on display at the Sablatnigmoor (Eberndorf) is another destination that offers a cool alternative to swimming fun in high summer temperatures.
Explore this natural paradise featuring over 200 bird species, dragonflies, frogs and intact plant biodiversity.


From mountain summit to lakeside wellness

At this time of year, the golden sunlight casts long shadows.
Early in the morning, Lake Klopein is shrouded in a mystical veil of mist, and the lake glistens in an extraordinary light as soon as the sun breaks through the veil of mist. The air is heavy with the typical scent of autumn. Temperatures are more moderate and the region surrounding Lake Klopein awaits to be discovered.

Movement, wellness and plenty of enjoyment are on the agenda!
Sporty outings in the mountains, in the valley or on the water, indulgent wellness in the Sonne spa landscape, adventure trips, cultural excursions or culinary delights in our lakeside restaurant – our autumn nature programme is as diverse as it gets.


When breakfast becomes a celebration

At the “Sonne”, you don’t just eat breakfast on a terrace. You dine above the water, in gondolas.

The feast for the senses kicks off in the morning with the extensive breakfast buffet. Fresh bread rolls, sweet pastries and the dishes conjured up in the front cooking area diffuse their delicious aromas. The rich colours of fruit and vegetables – what a treat!

Get comfy in one of the gondolas directly above the water and enjoy the breathtaking view of Lake Klopein. 
The glittering reflection of the rising sun on the lake, the morning calm at the water’s edge and the water birds swimming past to greet the day. 

Our hotel directly by Lake Klopein in Carinthia

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Great stories

From the Hotel Sonne

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