Tennis holiday by Lake Klopein

Game, set, match

Tennis on Lake Klopeiner See

Play tennis for free at Hotel Sonne

The big advantage if you want to play a lot of tennis or even train? Our 4 courts are available to hotel guests free of charge at any time. Simply book your favourite playing times at our reception. The courts can be reached on foot in just 10 minutes, and with a free rental bike you can get to the courts even quicker.

And after the match, head to our large beach and sunbathing area to relax. Or treat yourself to a soothing massage to help your muscles regenerate. Still haven't had enough of sport? Then why not add a training session in our fitness area? In the evening, a delicious sunny dinner awaits you - on our lakeside terrace in fine weather - to get you fresh and energised for the next day and the next match!

For the more ambitious among you, we are happy to organise coaching lessons or even lessons in groups with one of our experienced tennis instructors. Simply let us know before your arrival when you would like to play and let a professional take a look at your swing and technique.

Tennis is the perfect alternative to water sports, hiking and cyling during your holiday on Lake Klopeiner See. The mild climate of southern Carinthia is predestined for a tennis holiday. You can start playing on the hotel's four clay courts early in the morning. As soon as the sun sends its rays gently over the court, training sessions and the first match are the order of the day. And then it's off to a delicious hotel breakfast.

The tennis courts are perfect for beginners as well as professional club players to stay on the ball while on holiday. And above alltennis is not just a pure fitness or strength sport, but tennis has something of everything. From community to team spirit. It also immediately awakens ambition in young and old. Witty play and strategic thinking are just as important coordination, dexterity and the odd mental peak performance if you want to turn round a mental peak performance if you want to turn round a match you thought you had lost.

Water sports on Lake Klopein

Ready, set, go!

Cycling by Lake Klopein in Carinthia

A well-rounded affair

Hiking by Lake Klopein

Dynamic and active – everything in motion

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