Events & activities around Lake Klopein

There’s always something going on!

The events and activities in and around our "Hotel & Spa Sonne" and our “Baby & Kinderhotel Sonnelino" are more than just a supporting programme. These are special highlights that promise joie de vivre, adventure, excitement and pure emotion.

To make sure you don't miss out on anything while on holiday, here are the best dates at a glance.



Day Date Event Time
FRI 28/04/2023 Live music 8:30 pm
THU 04/05/2023 Live music 8:30 pm
FRI 12/05/2023 Live music 8:30 pm
FRI 19/05/2023 Live music 8:30 pm
SUN 27/05/2023 Family Festival  10:00 am
MON 28/05/2023 Family Festival 10:00 am

Water sports on Lake Klopein

Ready, set, go!

Cycling by Lake Klopein in Carinthia

A well-rounded affair

Hiking by Lake Klopein

Dynamic and active – everything in motion

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